About Us

Who, or rather, what is ACT? We’re Teachers.  Students.  Scientists.  Lawyers.  Homemakers.  Writers.  Business professionals and more.  And we have one thing in common: a passion for the performing arts.

Formed in 2004, ACT’s vision is to create a performing arts tradition in southern Chester County that will evolve into a vital, resourceful community service organization.

Towards that end, ACT endeavors to:

• Provide challenging workshops and drama courses to interested students and adults as an enrichment and extension of the community theater program.

• Create quality, educational and cultural experiences for anyone wishing to participate in any area of the theater/performing arts.

• Give young people an appreciation of the performing arts, imparting to them the necessary skills for producing, directing and participating in community theater and other related projects

• Continue to seek opportunity for future growth within our community and to partner effectively with other dramatic organizations.

• Build a true sense of community strength and spirit by utilizing the existing talents of local thespians and providing a creative outlet for aspiring performers.

2018 ACT Board of Directors

Karen Weaver – President
Geddes Marcano – Vice President
Mala Marcano – Secretary
Teresa Hanrahan – Treasurer
Amy Carr
Malora Jackson
Chris Murray
Barb Miriello
Michele Nardi
Kim McVean
Dave Peterson
Bobby Hamilton
Mimi Wallace
Mary White
Aubrey Weaver
Tim McFeely – Webmaster
Meredith Wakefield – Webmaster

And a whole lot of others that donate time and expenses to make ACT the wonderful organization it is.